Strategy Coaching

We challenge the orientation of the business strategies employed by executives and leadership teams. At U-COACHING®, we define our contributing role as that of a sparring partner or shadow manager (providing impulses). We are there to provide critical appraisals of our clients’ aims and the strategies being used to achieve them. Our interjections will provoke, mirror and motivate, through questions issued from different perspectives. We provide our clients with tools and methods, and help them to initiate and structure developments and transformational processes. For scheduled periods, we also accompany business leadership teams during transformation and implementation processes, aiming to effectuate their established goals and strategy. We provide feedback that is direct, honest and often uncomfortable. We view and position Strategy Coaching as an approach to find solutions for start ups, Merger & Acquisition projects, Change Management processes and the re-positioning of companies. We are ready to be appraised on the strength of our contributions towards both the concrete implementation, as well as the sustainability, of any given strategy that we are involved in.