Executive Coaching

U-COACHING® seeks to underscore the personal development of executives, thus enhancing the sustainability of their decisions. One way is to provide critical analyses of processes and systems, thus productively illuminating the thoughts behind them.
The mental stimulation methods we employ are used to deepen and reinforce our clients’ powers of observation and perception. We aim to shift or jog established attitudes, by encouraging our clients to consider or adopt different perspectives for a given situation … and the options that are realistically available. Cognitive tests, drawn up in collaboration with our clients, provide a simulation matrix of the alternative options. These enable us to confidently challenge business leaders’ assessments of their own behaviour, perceptions, beliefs and expectations. Our aim is to help you to improve. Our coaching process can liberate misguided energy from its lowly cage. Be attentive – of the whole, not just bits of it.
We hone our clients’ awareness by helping them to:

  • be mindful in their actions and thoughts
  • be attentive
  • trust their intuition