Cultural Intelligence

Cultural Intelligence helps to understand peoples`behaviour and better manage expectations

U-COACHING® employs the behavioural model “Model of Freedom“, which enables us to draw up profiles of organizational and national cultures. These profiles manifest the reasoning underlying peoples’ actions and perceptions, as well as how they interpret events. Comparisons of different profiles improve our understanding of the various similarities and differences between styles of management, leadership and work. The model thereby leverages cultural advantages, provides analyses of past experiences, explains current behaviour patterns – and can even offer predictions for the future behaviour of global team members and business leaders. This cultural profiling model is rooted firmly in the real world, long-term experiences of professionals working for global companies and other organizations. It provides a reliable tool, that has been road-tested by over 5,000 managers during the last ten years. In addition to the benefits it offers to organisations and companies, the “Model of Freedom” also enables us to categorize the management styles prevalent in 52 countries.
The “Model of Freedom” can categorise the behaviour patterns characteristic of individuals and/or groups. We are able to classify patterns as rated manifestations of four specific cultural orientations – those of Action, Process, Task and Role within a given community. This is achieved by quantifying major cultural components, such as individuality (the right to be different), roles adopted within team structures (obligations and duties within a community) and an individual’s attitudes towards authority and their culture’s incumbent political and social systems. The values for each orientation are rated, while connecting these results in a diagram provides a meta-representation of a specific culture. The “Model of Freedom” can render the culture and sub-cultures of an organisation transparent. It is a powerful tool, capable of facilitating cultural integration processes following a merger. It helps managers and coaches to come to terms with the ebb and flow of change during cultural transformations. It can also successfully augment the cross-cultural skills of international management and project teams, significantly improving the efficacy of their leadership.

Cultural Assessment

Personal Cultural Profile (PCP)

We offer cultural assessments for individuals, sub-groups or teams. The Personal Cultural Profile (PCP) offers a self-evaluation, web-based tool used to determine the management style the subject prefers, in terms of decision-making, leadership, cooperation, communication and meetings.

Corporate Cultural Scan(CCS)

This online tool assesses individuals’ perceptions of their organisation’s behaviour and values. It measures cultural aspects that correspond to the four cultural orientations in the “Model of Freedom”, i.e. leadership style, the significance and role of a system, the rights people perceive they have, as well as their perceived obligations to the organisation. CCS is a powerful tool to effectively assess cultural due dilgence during M&A processes


We take advantage of the benefits cultural diversities in international companies provide, in order to coach change management processes and enhance the organisation’s effectiveness. Based on the completed cultural assessment, we help our customers to:

  • analyse and understand the culture of their organisation
  • comprehend the motives driving people with different cultural backgrounds
  • enhance the cross-cultural skills of international team members
  • integrate disparate national and organisational cultures


Cultural awareness (1 day)

Programme: An interactive workshop aimed at identifying the impact different cultural orientations have on one-another
Objectives, to:
1. develop cultural awareness
2. discover your own culture
3. experience your cultural intelligence
Target groups: all organisational layers
Participants: 5 – 15 individuals

Cross cultural skills (1 day)

Programme: An interactive workshop aimed at detecting and managing the cultural diversity in teams
Objectives, to:
1. identify the key cultural differences
2. apply the “Model of Freedom” to manage cultural rifts
3. harness the benefits diversity offers, to increase team effectiveness
Target groups: organisational teams, international teams
Participants: 5 – 15 individuals

Cultural Integration (2 days)

Programme: an interactive workshop aimed at utilising the cultural synergies expected of an M&A integration
Objectives, to:
1. analyse and reveal the different company cultures
2. identify the core cultural differences
3. utilize the benefits of cultural diversity
4. map out a master plan to successfully integrate the different cultures


We presenting cultural awareness in Business Schools or as key notes speaker at conferences or customer events