Why U-Coaching?

Why choose to work with U-COACHING® – where do our strengths lie?

U-COACHING = experience:

Each U-Coaching team member melds the qualifications and expertise their degree in psychology has lent them, with the competency and skills that 15 years experience in executive management assignments in over 50 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa can impart. Basically, we rely on the winning combination of broad-based management experience combined with deep-rooted psychological qualifications. Together with our clients, we seek viable solutions and satisfactory results.

U- COACHING = focus:

U-Coaching comprises a professional, multi-lingual team of experts. Our coaching focuses exclusively on the goals drawn up together with our clients. In order to be successful, any collaboration must be structured and solution-oriented – U-Coaching is willing to implement and supervise transitional processes in ways that maintain management integrity.

U-COACHING = networked outreach:

We belong to the International Network of Coaches and Consultants for Cultural Diversity and Intelligence in Europe and Asia. (www.model-of-freedom.com)